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Welkom op onze nieuwe website.

We hebben puppieplannen voor eind 2023 / zomer 2024! Als je belangstelling hebt voor een pup of graag meer informatie wilt, vul dan ons pupformulier in, dan nemen wij zo snel mogelijk contact met je op!  https://forms.gle/61ZyhDGX52EvdEm28

Voor vragen of opmerkingen kun je ons ook bereiken op 06-13374535 of per e-mail: info@beardiefriends.nl

Tot snel!

Ben & Kirsten

Should you, while wandering in the wild sheep land, happen on moor or in market upon a very perfect gentle knight, clothed in dark grey habit, splashed here and there with rays of moon;   free by right divine of the guild of gentleman, strenuous as a prince, lithe as a rowan, graceful as a girl, with high king carriage, motions and manners of a fairy queen; should he have a noble breadth of brow, on air of still strength born of right confidence, all unassuming;   last and most unfailing test of all, should you look into two snow- clad eyes, calm, wistful, inscrutable, their soft depths clothed on with eternal sadness — yearning, as is said, for the soul that is not theirs —   know then, that you look upon one of the line of the most illustrious sheepdogs of the North.

Alfred Ollivant (1898)