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In memoriam

We are extremely shocked and sad by the terrible news that Katy, the sweet and beautiful daughter of our Smokey and his girl Kyara from kennel Eyecatchingbears, has passed away on March 9th. Katy was a happy and healthy puppy, until she developed a few vague complaints 14 days before her death and she was examined by the veterinarian a number of times. He initially suspected just an injury. Because there was no improvement after a week, there were all possible examinations done, which did not work out. Katy also did not respond to pain medication or prednisone and her eyesight was getting poor as well. She was then referred to the Academic Animal Hospital in Utrecht to neurologist Paul Mandigers. He performed an MRI from the head and it showed that a (virus) infection had caused scar tissue that impeded the drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid to the spinal cord, on which the pressure of the accumulated cerebrospinal fluid on the brain increased and the result was a so-called hydrocephalus and the damage to the brains was irreparable. The neurologist emphasized that it was a hydrocephalus acquired by an infection and it was not a congenital or hereditary defect, so that the parent dogs should not be excluded from breeding. But unfortunately this is only a meager consolation, because it could not save Katy's life and she had to be euthanized... We are so very sorry for the grief that Jolande and Ferdinand have for the loss of their beautiful girl, who was so long expected and so desired. We will never forget Katy!      
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